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Animal Orgs Supported

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AnimalOptimism.Com donates all profits to organizations promoting animal welfare.

Organizations supported include but are not limited to:

Animal Friends.
Mission: to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in crisis, ensure healthy pets through education, advocacy, and affordable services, and inspire a community where the animal-human bond is celebrated and nurtured. Charity Navigator rating = 91%.

Cross Your Paws Rescue. Cross Your Paws was nothing more than a thought and some doodling on a piece of paper in 2017. In 2018 just a few short months later it came to fruition. It is now an amazing rescue that has saved thousands of lives.  We work to unite people of all ages and backgrounds who share the belief of a world where animals are free from cruel treatment. Cross Your Paws Humane Rescue is 100% volunteer-run by members for its members, offering a united, amplified voice for all who join our community. Please consider joining us as we grow into the future and make this world a better place. Charity Navigator rating = 69%. (Despite a relatively low rating from CN, I love this organization and appreciate how they helped when I adopted my dog Dixie!)

Cuddly.  CUDDLY is a fundraising & wishlist platform dedicated to helping non-profit animal organizations around the world. They specialize in addressing and remedying extreme abuse cases. Even if their images are too hard to look at or even think about, financial support is vital to helping animals recover from horrific cruelty.

             Thank you note from Cuddly for $115 donations

Harmony Dog Rescue.  We work to make sure that dogs are not left behind in dangerous situations, to keep them from being surrendered to shelters, and to ultimately reunite them with their owners. Through a confidential network of foster homes in western Pennsylvania, Harmony Dog Rescue provides an alternative for individuals who would otherwise stay in dangerous situations because they do not want to abandon their dogs.


Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh. We will provide all aspects of care to abandoned, neglected, and injured animals; reunite lost pets with their caregivers or seek new families for them; educate the community on humane care and interactions with all animals to reduce pet overpopulation and negative relationships with native wildlife; reinforce a standard of living for animals and prevent cruelty; and provide assistance and medical care to injured, orphaned, or ill native Pennsylvania wildlife to return them to their natural habitat. Our open-door policy ensures that no animal is ever refused shelter. Charity Navigator rating 94%.

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.
Peaceful Valley's Mission is to provide a safe and loving environment to all donkeys that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and wild burros under threat of destruction. Peaceful Valley strives to provide solutions to the many problems that plague these wonderful creatures by providing ethical stewardship over the necessary funds to fulfill this goal. Peaceful Valley, with its nationwide network of Ranch Facilities and Satellite Adoption Centers, is the country's leader in Rescue, Sanctuary, Adoption, and Education. Charity Navigator rating = 86%

Sweet Farm Foundation. The world’s first nonprofit sanctuary to address the devastating impact that factory farming has on climate change — from the perspective of animals, plants, and the planet. Charity Navigator rating = 71%. (Again, despite a somewhat lower rating, I visited this facility and was impressed with its expanse and the loving attitude of the employees who care for the animals, many of whom suffered horrific abuse.)



. Train a Dog. Save a Warrier.  Although this is not an animal charity per se, we believe the dogs they train benefit possibly as much as the service men and women the organization helps. The TADSAW, INC. mission is to provide for the training of a Medical Alert Service Dog, as designated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990/2010 guidelines, for any wounded Veteran Service Member (Active Duty. Retired, Discharged) surviving with Military Induced Anxiety Depression Syndrome (MIADS), post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), in order to restore and improve the Veteran’s Quality of Life with a canine ‘Battle Buddy’, at NO CHARGE  to the Veteran or the family.



Wolfe County Animal Shelter

. We are an organization for homeless animals. They are getting a second chance at life.